How We Grow And Press Our Olive Oil
Find out more about our cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

The olive trees are grown from cuttings struck at the nursery.  Once they are about 18 months old they are ready to plant.  Each olive tree is planted with 6x6 meter spacing then staked and tied.  As they grow, the olive trees receive a handful of natural lime each year to bring up the minerals from the soil and increase the soil PH. In the first two years we chose to water in the summer months with the addition of liquid seaweed to promote root growth.  After two years we mulched with pine tree chippings to retain moisture during the summer months.  At the change of every season we spray with diluted liquid seaweed as a foliar feed and a resistor to insects.  The insects don’t like the smell of the seaweed. 

The Olives are Harvested
We harvest the olives one time a year by shaking the trees from the trunk. Only the ripe olives fall from the trees. The olives are caught in mesh nets. The nets are emptied into harvest bins and the bins bought in off the grove directly to our press.
Washed & Pasted
The fresh olives start the process by having any leaves or twigs from the harvest removed. They then pass thru a washing process. Next they are milled into a fine paste by the hammer mill. From there the paste is transferred into a malixer where the paste is constantly folded over itself to release the oil.
Put through the press
The art of pressing is a very personal process likened to fine wine making. The press master decides how long to fold the paste for then passes the precious oil filled paste into the press. The press then squeezes out the liquid which is piped to a separator.
Piped into tanks
The liquid is passed thru the separator to separate the oil and natural juices before being piped into bulk tanks for settling and final bottling.
Laboratory tested
Samples are taken from the harvest and sent to an independent laboratory for immediate tests. The results from the independent chemical testing show that our oil has a very low acidity level and a low peroxide value. The tests verify that we continue to produce only healthy high quality Extra Virgin Oil.
We hold the Extra Virgin Oil in bulk tanks and keep them dark and cool. We bottle to order to retain the maximum freshness. This is true 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscan olive tree varieties, all organically grown and cold pressed on our boutique estate. We guarantee there are no chemical sprays or preservatives used in the growing and production of our world class Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Evergreen Extra Virgin Tuscan Mix Olive Oil reflects a fresh grassiness, smooth in texture laced with an array of delicate fruity and nutty flavours, then rounded off with a distinctive Tuscan pepper presence. A truly “world class” award winning honest Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


Evergreen Extra Virgin Tuscan and Lemon Fused Olive Oil reflects a crisp fresh fruitiness, very smooth with no sour lemon aftertaste. It is laced with a mild peppery finish a hint of the Tuscan varieties coming thru. It is delightful as a salad dressing, drizzled over pasta, avocados, green vegetables, fish, beef and chicken dishes. Even French Vanilla ice cream as a desert. The list is ongoing as this is a very versatile “fusion” of culinary flavours.

Health Benefits

Rich in monounsaturated acids the health benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil are well documented – beneficial for those with a heart condition. Monounsaturated acids lower bad cholesterol levels and increase good cholesterol content. Other health benefits - Phenols (antioxidant agents) reportedly destroy free radicals and thus slows down ageing of cells and lowers the risk of cancer. Oleanolic acid (approx 80% content of Olive oil) for nervous system development and strong bones in children. A great source of Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin A, Omega 3, 6 and 9.