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We pride ourselves on how we grow our olive trees without the use of harmful sprays and chemicals. With around 70 Wiltshire sheep grazing on the olive grove we don't have the need to spray nasties to control the weeds. This also means that we don't have the need to burn up diesel fuel to run a tractor and mower polluting the atmosphere. The sheep also add natural nutrients into the soil all year around.

With the olive grove at an elevation of 355 metres above sea level and set inland from the Bay of Islands, we enjoy a microclimate that suits the olive trees to a tee. Fortunately we are blessed with deep rich free draining volcanic soil loaded with natural minerals. While the olive trees flourish in these growing conditions at root level, due to the elevation we get several light frosts during the fruiting period. It is a blanace of the sun's energy, the right amount of rain, the care and pruning of the trees and the nutrients in the soil. This is what gives the olives the wonderful fresh grassy taste and defines the peppery finish. This is a sign of the premium world class Extra Virgin Olive Oil that we have been able to consistently attain.

We harvest in June, which is considered very late here in the Far North. This we consider is due to the elevation. As we have our Italian-made (Oliomio 250) olive press right on the property, we are able to press the olives virtually as they come off the trees. It doesn't get any better than that!

Yes, we all use Extra Virgin Olive Oil in our cooking and as a drizzle on our preparations, or as a dip with bread, but there are so many other uses for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A teaspoon a day will keep the doctor away. It is used extensively for complete digestive system detox. It is safe to use with children to de-worm them naturally. It is a great treatment on your hair and skin to replenish and revitalise. The Romans have been using it for over 2,000 years for hundreds of reasons, both medically and in their day-to-day lives. Everything from their bath houses to the likes of their oil fired lights and lubricant on their machinery. One thing that we in the modern world know is that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is good for us.